Biboting International Co., Ltd., its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Biboting,” “us,” “our,” or “we”), take your privacy very seriously. In order to provide you with a more accurate and customized service, we will collect, use, disclose, handle, and protect your personal data in accordance with this this Privacy Policy. Without your prior consent, we will not provide your personal data to a third party. Please read this Policy carefully and fully understand this Policy. By your registration, login, usage of the Biboting web application programs, websites, content, products, and services or other actions (the “Biboting Services”), you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by all constraints, including accepting Biboting to reserve the right to modify the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time, without additional notice to you. By your continued use of our Services, you agree to accept and will be bound by the modified terms of this Agreement.

Under this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual, either from that information alone or from that information combined with other information Biboting has access to about that individual, except as otherwise specifically provided by applicable laws in your region. We will use your personal information strictly in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Scope

a. We may collect any personal information you provide to us, which is necessary for the Biboting Services you choose. For example, you may need to provide us with your name, mobile number, email address, mailing address, order information, invoice information, bank account number, bank account name, credit card information when registering your Biboting account.

b. When you use the Biportion Services, the app will automatically college information on your browser and computer, including but not limited to your cookies, IP addresses, network request information, instant message history, and standard system logs, error notification, browser type, language used, software and hardware information, and other log information.

c. Biboting may collect any personal information that is legally obtain from our partners.

You understand and agree that the following information does not apply to this privacy policy:

1) Keyword search that you enter when using the search service provided by the Biboting app;

2)The relevant information collected by the Biboting app that you have published on the Biboting app, including but not limited to your participation in activities, transaction data, and reviews;

3)Any behaviors that violate the laws or any agreements in connection with or arising from using the Biboting Services any any measures that we have taken against you.

2. Information Usage

Biboting will not provide, sell, lease, share or exchange your personal information to any third party unless we have obtained your prior consent, provided, however, in order to successfully conduct business operations and to provide you with all the functions of our services, we may share your personal information from time to time to our affiliates or partners. 

The purpose of collecting your personal information is to provide services to you and to ensure that compliance with applicable laws, regulations and other regulatory requirements. This involves:

1) Providing, processing, maintaining, improving and developing Biboting Services to you;

2) Handling your inquiries or requests about Biboting Services, such as sending notifications;

3) Conducting relevant promotional activities, such as offering marketing and promotional materials and updates. If you no longer wish to receive certain types of advertisement, you may opt-out by the method provided in the message (such as the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message) unless otherwise specified under applicable laws.

4) Internal operational purposes such as data analysis, research, and information related to improving the Biboting Services.

5) Storing and maintaining information related to you for our business operations or for fulfilling our legal obligations.

6) Any other purposes with your consent.

We may combine this information with other information (including information across different services or devices such as computers, mobile phones and other connected devices) to provide or improve Biboting Services.

3. Information Disclosure

We do not sell any personal information to third parties. To help us provide you with services described in this Privacy Policy, we may, where necessary, share your personal information

1) with our third party service providers and business partners to provide or improve Biboting services, or any specific third parties designated by you.

2) in accordance with legal requirements, legal procedures, litigation and/or requests from public agencies and government agencies.

3) if such disclosure required by laws, regulations, as we deem reasonable or necessary, or appropriate for law enforcement, or other matters of public importance.

4)  in order to enforce our terms or protect our business, rights, assets or services, or to protect users, or if the disclosure is reasonably necessary for the following purposes (detecting, preventing and resolving fraud, unauthorized use of the service, violations of our terms or policies, or other harmful or illegal activities).

4. Personal Information Storage and Exchange

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or other similar risks, we have put in place all legally required physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you. We will ensure that we safeguard your personal information in accordance with applicable law. Your personal information may be stored, accessed, or display at or outside of your principal place of residence.

You have the right to obtain from us the restriction of processing your personal information. We shall consider the grounds regarding your restriction request. If the grounds apply to GDPR, we shall only process your personal information under applicable circumstances in GDPR and inform you before the restriction of processing is lifted. 

5. Cookies Usage

Cookies are files with a small amount of data that are commonly used as anonymous unique identifiers. These are sent to your browser from the websites that you visit and are stored on your device’s internal memory. Biboting Service may use Cookies to collect information and improve our services. You have the option to either accept or refuse these cookies and know when a cookie is being sent to your device. If you choose to refuse our cookies, you may not be able to use some portions of this Service.

6. Information Security

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or other similar risks, we have put in place all legally required physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you. We will ensure that we safeguard your personal information in accordance with applicable law. We will take all practicable and legally required steps to safeguard your personal information. However, you should be aware that the use of the Internet is not entirely secure, and for this reason we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of any personal information when transferred from you or to you via the Internet.


Our Privacy Policy does not apply to products or services offered by a third party. Depending on the service you use, it may incorporate a third parties’ products or services. Some of these will be provided in the form of links to third parties’ websites. Your information may also be collected when you use these services. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you take the time to read the third party’s privacy policy just like you read ours. We are not responsible for and cannot control how third parties use personal information which they collect from you. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to other sites linked from our services.

7. Retaining Information

We retain personal information for the period necessary for the purpose of the information collection described in this Privacy Policy, or as required by applicable laws. We will cease to retain and delete or anonymize personal information once the purpose of collection is fulfilled, or after we confirm your request for erasure, or after we terminate the operation of the corresponding service.

8. Your Rights to Your Personal Information

(a) Based on the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, we may provide you with a copy of your personal data collected and processed by us upon your request free of charge. For any additional requests for relevant information, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee based on actual administrative costs according to the applicable laws and regulation. 

(b) You have the right to access, rectification, and erasure of any other personal information that we hold about you. You may also access and update the details relating to the personal information in your Biboting account.

(c) Based on the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, you have the right to request the deletion or removal of your personal information where there is no compelling reason for us to keep using it. We shall consider the grounds regarding your erasure request and take reasonable steps, including technical measures. If the right is upheld, we may not be able to immediately remove the information from the backup system due to applicable legal and security technologies. If this is the case, we will use reasonable effort to securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until the backup can be cleared or be made anonymous.

(d) You have the right to object to certain types of processing, provided, however, under certain circumstances we have legitimate interests to process your personal information, then your right to object shall not be applicable. 


(e) Specifically, under the laws of certain jurisdictions:

1) You have the right to obtain from us the restriction of processing your personal information. We shall consider the grounds regarding your restriction request. 

2) If the grounds apply to GDPR, we shall only process your personal information under applicable circumstances in GDPR and inform you before the restriction of processing is lifted.

3) You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you.

4) You have the right to apply for your personal information in a structured, commonly used format and transmit the information to another data controller.


5) We have the right to refuse to process requests that are not reasonable or that disproportionate technical work, requests that damage third party’ right of privacy, and requests not required under local law, information that have been made public, information given under confidential conditions. If we believe that certain aspects of the request to delete or access the information may result in our inability to legally use the information for the aforementioned anti-fraud and security purposes, it may also be rejected.

(f) You may withdraw your consent previously provided to us for a particular purpose by submitting a request, including collecting, using, and/or disclosing your personal information in our possession or control. We will process your request within a reasonable time from when the request was made, and thereafter not collect, use and/or disclose your personal information as per your request. Depending on the extent of your withdrawal of consent, please note that you may not be able to continue receiving the full benefit of Biboting Services. The withdrawal of your consent or authorization will not affect the validity of our processing carried out on the basis of the consent up until the point of withdrawal.

(g)  If you wish to cancel Biboting Service, the Biboting app, or the Biboting account, you may send an email to privacyus@biboting.com for logout service. If you wish to cancel the Biboting account, please note that the cancellation will prevent you from using the full range of Biboting products and services. Cancellation may be prevented or delayed in certain circumstances.

9. Protection of Minors

We consider it the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise the child’s use of our services. However, we do not offer services directly to a child or use personal data of children for the purposes of marketing. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe that the minor has provided Biboting with personal information, please contact us at [privacyus@biboting.com] to ensure that the personal information is removed immediately and that the minor is unsubscribed from any of the applicable Biboting services.

10. Update this Privacy Policy

We review the Privacy Policy periodically based on changes in business and technology, and we may update this Privacy Policy. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you via your registered contact information such as email (sent to the email address specified in your account) or publish on Biboting websites or notify you via mobile devices so that you can learn about the information we collect and how we use it. Such changes to Privacy Policy will apply from the effective date specified in the notice or website. We encourage you to check this page regularly for the latest information on our privacy practices. Your continued use of the services on the website, mobile and/or any other device will be deemed acknowledgement of the updated Privacy Policy. We will ask for your explicit consent when we collect additional personal information from you or when we use or disclose your personal information for new purposes.


If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy or any questions relating to Biboting’s collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, please contact us at the address below.

Biboting International Co., Ltd

[Address] 8F., NO.66-7, SEC. 2, NANKAN RD., LUZHU DIST., TAOYUAN CITY 338, TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

[Contact number] +886-03-3121997

[E-mail] privacyus@biboting.com

General Distribution in North America

Aoduo International LLC


[Address] 38-08 Union st., #7A , Flushing NY 11354

[Contact number] +1-718-353-1888


碧波庭国际有限公司(以下简称为”碧波庭”或 “我们”)尊重并保护所有使用碧波庭US APP用户的个人隐私权。为了给您提供更准确、更有个性化的服务,碧波庭会按照本隐私政策的规定搜集、使用、披露、处理及保护您于使用碧波庭US APP所提供的个人资讯。除本隐私政策另有规定外,在未征得您事先许可的情况下,碧波庭不会将这些资讯对外披露或向第三方提供。碧波庭会不时更新本隐私政策。您在同意碧波庭US APP服务协议之时,即视为您已经同意本隐私政策全部内容。本隐私政策属于碧波庭US APP服务协议不可分割的一部分。


1. 适用范围

a. 在您注册碧波庭US APP帐号时,您根据碧波庭US APP之要求所提供的个人资讯(包含但不限于: 您的姓名、电话、手机号码、电子邮件地址、送货地址、订单资讯、发票资讯,以及银行帐号、银行帐户持有人姓名,信用卡号码等相关资讯);
b. 在您使用碧波庭US APP服务时,碧波庭US APP自动接收并记录您浏览器和电脑上的资讯,包括但不限于您的Cookie、IP地址、网路请求资讯、即时讯息历史、标准系统日志、错误崩溃资讯、浏览器的类型、使用的语言、软体及硬体的特征资讯及使用服务产生的日志资讯如注册时间、浏览时间、活动时间等数据;
c. 碧波庭通过合法途径从商业伙伴处取得之您的个人资讯。
a. 您在使用碧波庭US APP所提供的搜索服务时输入的关键字资讯;
b. 碧波庭US APP搜所集到您在碧波庭US APP发布的相关资讯,包括但不限于参与活动、成交资讯及评价详情;
c. 违反法律规定或违反碧波庭US APP使用协议之行为及碧波庭已对您采取的措施。

2. 资讯使用

a. 碧波庭不会向任何与我们无关第三方提供、出售、出租、分享或交易您的个人资讯,除非事先得到您的许可,或该第三方和碧波庭(含碧波庭之关系企业)单独或共同为您提供服务,且在该服务结束后,其将被禁止存取包括其以前所能存取的所有此等资讯。
b. 为了顺利地从事商业经营,以向您提供产品或服务的全部功能,我们可能不时与我们的关系企业分享您的个人资讯。
c. 为服务用户的目的,碧波庭US APP可能通过使用您的个人信息,向您提供您感兴趣的信息,包括但不限于向您发出产品和服务信息,或者与碧波庭app合作伙伴共享信息以便他们向您发送有关其产品和服务的信息(后者需要您的事先同意)。
d. 搜集、处理及使用个人资讯之目的在于向您提供产品及/或服务,并且我们保证遵守适用的相关法律、法规及其他规范性文件。这包括:
(1) 提供、处理、维护、改善、开发我们的产品及/或提供给您的服务,例如交付、启动、验证、售后、客户支持和广告宣传。
(2) 出于防遗失和防诈骗等目的之安全保护,协助识别用户、验证身份等。
(3) 处理您关于产品或服务的提问或请求,例如解答您的谘询、发送系统及应用程式的消息通知、管理您参加的抽奖等活动时。
(4) 进行相关的推广活动, 例如提供推广与促销的资料和更新。除非适用的法律另有规定,如果您不再希望接收某些种类的推广资讯,您可以透
(5) 提供个性化用户服务和内容。我们可能会根据您在使用我们产品或服务时产生的资讯,例如购买历史和网站浏览历史,向您推荐个性化的产品、服务和活动,包括广告。您有权随时拒绝接收个性化广告且拒绝用户画像,包括为直接营销目的而进行的识别分析。
(6) 内部目的如资料分析、研究和开发与我们的产品或服务之使用相关的统计资讯,以更好地改善我们的产品或服务。

3. 资讯披露

a. 经您事先同意,向第三方披露;
b. 为提供您所要求的产品和服务,而必须和第三方分享;
c. 根据法律相关规定,或者行政或司法机构的要求,须向第三方或者行政、司法机构披露;
d. 如您出现违反有关法律、法规或者碧波庭US APP服务协议或相关规则的情况,需要向第三方披露;
e. 如您是适格的智慧财产权请求权人并已提起请求,应被请求人之要求,须向被请求人披露,以便双方处理可能的权利纠纷;
f. 在碧波庭US APP上创建的某一交易中,如交易任何一方履行或部分履行了交易义务并提出资讯披露的请求,碧波庭有权决定向该用户提供其交易
g. 其它碧波庭根据法律、法规或者网站政策认为合适的披露。

4. 个人资讯存储和交换

a. 碧波庭US APP所搜集有关您的个人资讯将保存在碧波庭US APP及(或)其关系企业的服务器上,这些资讯可能传送至您所在国家、地区或碧波庭US APP搜集资讯所在地的境外地区并在境外地区被存取、存储和展示。
b. 如我们将您在欧盟专属经济区内产生的资料转移至在欧盟专属经济区外的碧波庭关系企业或第三方服务供应商,我们将基于欧盟标准合约条款或《一般资料保护条例》(GDPR)中规定的安全保护机制进行转移。


5. Cookie的使用

a. 在您未拒绝接受cookies的情况下,碧波庭US APP会在您的计算机上设定或取用cookies,以便您能登录或使用依赖于cookies的碧波庭app服务或功能。碧波庭US APP使用cookies可为您提供更加周到的个性化服务,包括推广服务。
b. 您有权选择接受或拒绝接受cookies。您可以通过修改浏览器设置的方式拒绝接受cookies。但如果您选择拒绝接受cookies,则您可能无法登录或使用依赖于cookies的碧波庭US APP服务或功能。
c. 通过碧波庭US APP所设cookies所取得的有关信息,将适用本政策。

6. 个人资讯防护

a. 碧波庭app的帐号均有安全保护功能,请妥善保管您的用户名及密码。碧波庭US APP将通过对用户密码进行加密等安全措施确保您的个人资讯不遗失,不被滥用和变造。尽管有前述安全措施,但同时也请您注意在网路上不存在“完善的安全措施”。
b. 在使用碧波庭US APP网络服务进行网上交易时,您不可避免的要向交易对方或潜在的交易对方披露自己的个人资讯,例如联络方式或者地址。请您妥善保护自己的个人资讯,仅在必要的情形下向他人提供。
c. 碧波庭不对因您未能保持个人资讯的私密性而导致第三方浏览您的个人资讯进而造成的安全疏漏承担责任。如您发现您的个人资讯被泄漏,尤其是碧波庭app的用户名及密码发生泄露时,请您立即联络碧波庭客服,以便碧波庭采取相应措施。

7. 保留政策


8. 个人资料自主权

a. 基于您的要求及适用的法律规定,我们可免费提供一份我们已搜集并处理的关于您的个人资料记录, 如您提出对于相关资讯的其他请求,我们可能会基于适用的相关法律,并结合实际的管理成本向您收取一笔合理的费用。
b. 如果您认为我们持有的关于您的任何资讯是不正确或不完整的,可要求基于使用目的更正或完整填写个人资讯。
c. 根据您适用的法律法规,当我们没有理由继续使用您的个人资讯时,您有权要求我们删除您的个人资料。我们将会根据您的删除请求进行评估,若满足相应规定,我们将会采取包括技术手段在内的相应步骤进行处理。当您或我们协助您删除相关资讯后,因为适用的法律和安全技术,我们可能无法从备份系统中立即删除相应的资讯。在这种情况下,我们将安全地储存您的个人资讯并将其与任何进一步的处理相隔离,直到可以清除备份或实现匿名。
d. 您有权拒绝某些种类的处理,包括为直接营销而进行的处理(包括使用用户画像的情况),以及在某些情况下,个人资讯的处理(包括用户画像)的法律依据是我们的合法利益。
e. 特别地,依据某些司法管辖区的法律规定:
(1) 您有权要求我们限制处理您的个人资料。我们将会根据您的限制请求进行评估。
(2) 若满足《一般资料保护条例》(GDPR)规定,我们将会根据条例中适用的具体情况处理您的资料,并在取消限制处理前通知您。
(3) 您有权取消基于自动化决策的处理,包括用户画像等可对您产生法律影响或类似影响的自动处理。
(4) 您将有权以结构化、通用的形式申请您的个人资料并将其转移至其他资料控制者。
(5) 我们有权拒绝处理无实质意义/纠缠式的重复请求、损害他人隐私权的请求、极端不现实的请求,要求不相称的技术工作,以及根据当地法律无需给予的请求,已经被公诸于众的资讯,保密条件下给出的资讯。如果我们认为请求删除资料或浏览资料在某些方面可能会导致我们无法出于上述反诈骗和安全目的来合法使用资料的话,可能也会予以拒绝。
f. 您可以透过提交请求撤销先前出于特定目的所授予我们的同意,包括搜集、使用及/或披露我们掌握或控制的您的个人资讯。我们将会在您提出请求后的合理时间内处理您的请求,并且会根据您的请求,在此后不再搜集、使用及/或披露您的个人资讯。取决于您撤销同意的范围,其可能导致您不能继续享受碧波庭的产品或服务。但您撤回同意或授权的决定,不会影响先前基于您的同意而开展之个人资讯处理的有效性。
g. 如您希望注销碧波庭US APP之帐号, 您可以发送邮件至[privacyus@biboting.com
]进行注销服务。由于注销碧波庭US APP帐号的操作将使您无法使用碧波庭app的服务,请您谨慎操作。

9. 未成年人资讯的保护

a. 我们认为监督孩子使用我们的产品或服务是家长或监护人的责任。但是,我们不直接提供服务给儿童,也不将儿童的个人资料用于营销目的。
b. 如果您是家长或监护人,并且您认为未成年人向我们提交了个人资讯,请发送邮件至[privacyus@biboting.com]联系我们,以确保此类个人资讯被立即删除,并保证未成年人取消订阅任何适用的碧波庭US APP服务。

10. 隐私政策的更新

我们会基于业务和技术的变更对隐私政策进行定期审核,我们可能会更新本隐私政策。如果我们对本隐私政策进行重大变更,我们将透过您登记的联系方式如电子邮件(向您帐号指定的信箱地址发送)或在碧波庭US APP上知您,这样您可以了解我们搜集的资讯以及我们如何使用这些资讯。此类隐私政策变化将从通知或碧波庭US APP规定的生效日期开始适用。我们建议您定期查阅碧波庭US APP获取我们隐私权实践的最新资讯。您继续使用碧波庭US APP上的服务,将被视为接受更新的隐私政策。在我们向您搜集更多的个人资讯或我们因为新的目的使用或披露您的个人资讯时,我们会再次征得您的同意。

11. 联系我们

Biboting International Co., Ltd
地址: 台湾 桃园市芦竹区南崁路二段66-7号8楼
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國際版:碧波庭US APP 隱私政策

碧波庭國際有限公司(以下簡稱為”碧波庭”或 “我們”)尊重並保護所有使用碧波庭US APP用戶的個人隱私權。為了給您提供更準確、更有個性化的服務,碧波庭會按照本隱私政策的規定蒐集、使用、披露、處理及保護您於使用碧波庭US APP所提供的個人資訊。。除本隱私政策另有規定外,在未徵得您事先許可的情況下,碧波庭不會將這些資訊對外披露或向第三方提供。碧波庭會不時更新本隱私政策。您在同意碧波庭US APP服務協議之時,即視為您已經同意本隱私政策全部內容。本隱私政策屬於碧波庭US APP服務協議不可分割的一部分。


1. 適用範圍

a. 在您註冊碧波庭US APP帳號時,您根據碧波庭US APP之要求所提供的個人資訊(包含但不限於: 您的姓名、電話、手機號碼、電子郵件地址、送貨地址、訂單資訊、發票資訊,以及銀行帳號、銀行帳戶持有人姓名,信用卡號碼等相關資訊);
b. 在您使用碧波庭US APP服務時,碧波庭US APP自動接收並記錄您瀏覽器和電腦上的資訊,包括但不限於您的Cookie、IP地址、網路請求資訊、即時訊息歷史、標準系統日誌、錯誤崩潰資訊、瀏覽器的類型、使用的語言、軟體及硬體的特徵資訊及使用服務產生的日誌資訊如註冊時間、瀏覽時間、活動時間等數據;
c. 碧波庭通過合法途徑從商業夥伴處取得之您的個人資訊。

a. 您在使用碧波庭US APP所提供的搜索服務時輸入的關鍵字資訊;
b. 碧波庭US APP蒐所集到您在碧波庭US APP發布的相關資訊,包括但不限於參與活動、成交資訊及評價詳情;
c. 違反法律規定或違反碧波庭US APP使用協議之行為及碧波庭已對您採取的措施。

2. 資訊使用

a. 碧波庭不會向任何與我們無關第三方提供、出售、出租、分享或交易您的個人資訊,除非事先得到您的許可,或該第三方和碧波庭(含碧波庭之關係企業)單獨或共同為您提供服務,且在該服務結束後,其將被禁止存取包括其以前所能存取的所有此等資訊。
b. 為了順利地從事商業經營,以向您提供產品或服務的全部功能,我們可能不時與我們的關係企業分享您的個人資訊。
c. 為服務用戶的目的,碧波庭app可能通過使用您的個人信息,向您提供您感興趣的信息,包括但不限於向您發出產品和服務信息,或者與碧波庭app合作夥伴共享信息以便他們向您發送有關其產品和服務的信息(後者需要您的事先同意)。
d. 蒐集、處理及使用個人資訊之目的在於向您提供產品及/或服務,並且我們保證遵守適用的相關法律、法規及其他規範性文件。這包括:
(1) 提供、處理、維護、改善、開發我們的產品及/或提供給您的服務,例如交付、啟動、驗證、售後、客戶支持和廣告宣傳。
(2) 出於防遺失和防詐騙等目的之安全保護,協助識別用戶、驗證身份等。
(3) 處理您關於產品或服務的提問或請求,例如解答您的諮詢、發送系統及應用程式的消息通知、管理您參加的抽獎等活動時。
(4) 進行相關的推廣活動, 例如提供推廣與促銷的資料和更新。除非適用的法律另有規定,如果您不再希望接收某些種類的推廣資訊,您可以透過該資訊提供的退出方式(如郵件底部的取消訂閱連結)來拒絕此類服務。
(5) 提供個性化用戶服務和內容。我們可能會根據您在使用我們產品或服務時產生的資訊,例如購買歷史和網站瀏覽歷史,向您推薦個性化的產品、服務和活動,包括廣告。您有權隨時拒絕接收個性化廣告且拒絕用戶畫像,包括為直接營銷目的而進行的識別分析。
(6) 内部目的如資料分析、研究和開發與我們的產品或服務之使用相關的統計資訊,以更好地改善我們的產品或服務。

3. 資訊披露

a. 經您事先同意,向第三方披露;
b. 為提供您所要求的產品和服務,而必須和第三方分享;
c. 根據法律相關規定,或者行政或司法機構的要求,須向第三方或者行政、司法機構披露;
d. 如您出現違反有關法律、法規或者碧波庭US APP服務協議或相關規則的情況,需要向第三方披露;
e. 如您是適格的智慧財產權請求權人並已提起請求,應被請求人之要求,須向被請求人披露,以便雙方處理可能的權利糾紛;
f. 在碧波庭US APP上創建的某一交易中,如交易任何一方履行或部分履行了交易義務並提出資訊披露的請求,碧波庭有權決定向該用戶提供其交易對象的聯絡方式等必要資訊,以促成交易的完成或糾紛的解決。
g. 其它碧波庭根據法律、法規或者網站政策認為合適的披露。

4. 個人資訊存儲和交换

a. 碧波庭app所蒐集有關您的個人資訊將保存在碧波庭US APP及(或)其關係企業的服務器上,這些資訊可能傳送至您所在國家、地區或碧波庭US APP蒐集資訊所在地的境外地區並在境外地區被存取、存儲和展示。
b. 如我們將您在歐盟專屬經濟區內產生的資料轉移至在歐盟專屬經濟區外的碧波庭關係企業或第三方服務供應商,我們將基於歐盟標準合約條款或《一般資料保護條例》(GDPR)中規定的安全保護機制進行轉移。

5. Cookie的使用

a. 在您未拒絕接受cookies的情況下,碧波庭US APP會在您的計算機上設定或取用cookies,以便您能登錄或使用依賴於cookies的碧波庭US APP服務或功能。碧波庭US APP使用cookies可為您提供更加周到的個性化服務,包括推廣服務。
b. 您有權選擇接受或拒絕接受cookies。您可以通過修改瀏覽器設置的方式拒絕接受cookies。但如果您選擇拒絕接受cookies,則您可能無法登錄或使用依賴於cookies的碧波庭US APP服務或功能。
c. 通過碧波庭US APP所設cookies所取得的有關信息,將適用本政策。 

6. 個人資訊防護

a. 碧波庭US APP的帳號均有安全保護功能,請妥善保管您的用戶名及密碼。碧波庭US APP將通過對用戶密碼進行加密等安全措施確保您的個人資訊不遺失,不被濫用和變造。儘管有前述安全措施,但同時也請您注意在網路上不存在“完善的安全措施”。
b. 在使用碧波庭US APP網絡服務進行網上交易時,您不可避免的要向交易對方或潛在的交易對方披露自己的個人資訊,例如聯絡方式或者地址。請您妥善保護自己的個人資訊,僅在必要的情形下向他人提供。
c. 碧波庭不對因您未能保持個人資訊的私密性而導致第三方瀏覽您的個人資訊進而造成的安全疏漏承擔責任。如您發現您的個人資訊被洩漏,尤其是碧波庭US APP的用戶名及密碼發生洩露時,請您立即聯絡碧波庭客服,以便碧波庭採取相應措施。

7. 保留政策


8. 個人資料自主權

a. 基於您的要求及適用的法律規定,我們可免費提供一份我們已蒐集並處理的關於您的個人資料記錄, 如您提出對於相關資訊的其他請求,我們可能會基於適用的相關法律,並結合實際的管理成本向您收取一筆合理的費用。

b. 如果您認為我們持有的關於您的任何資訊是不正確或不完整的,可要求基於使用目的更正或完整填寫個人資訊。

c. 根據您適用的法律法規,當我們沒有理由繼續使用您的個人資訊時,您有權要求我們刪除您的個人資料。我們將會根據您的刪除請求進行評估,若滿足相應規定,我們將會採取包括技術手段在內的相應步驟進行處理。當您或我們協助您刪除相關資訊後,因為適用的法律和安全技術,我們可能無法從備份系統中立即刪除相應的資訊。在這種情況下,我們將安全地儲存您的個人資訊並將其與任何進一步的處理相隔離,直到可以清除備份或實現匿名。

d. 您有權拒絕某些種類的處理,包括為直接營銷而進行的處理(包括使用用戶畫像的情況),以及在某些情況下,個人資訊的處理(包括用戶畫像)的法律依據是我們的合法利益。

e. 特別地,依據某些司法管轄區的法律規定:

(1) 您有權要求我們限制處理您的個人資料。我們將會根據您的限制請求進行評估。

(2) 若滿足《一般資料保護條例》(GDPR)規定,我們將會根據條例中適用的具體情況處理您的資料,並在取消限制處理前通知您。

(3) 您有權取消基於自動化決策的處理,包括用戶畫像等可對您產生法律影響或類似影響的自動處理。

(4) 您將有權以結構化、通用的形式申請您的個人資料並將其轉移至其他資料控制者。

(5) 我們有權拒絕處理無實質意義/糾纏式的重複請求、損害他人隱私權的請求、極端不現實的請求,要求不相稱的技術工作,以及根據當地法律無需給予的請求,已經被公諸於眾的資訊,保密條件下給出的資訊。如果我們認為請求刪除資料或瀏覽資料在某些方面可能會導致我們無法出於上述反詐騙和安全目的來合法使用資料的話,可能也會予以拒絕。

f. 您可以透過提交請求撤銷先前出於特定目的所授予我們的同意,包括蒐集、使用及/或披露我們掌握或控制的您的個人資訊。我們將會在您提出請求後的合理時間內處理您的請求,並且會根據您的請求,在此後不再蒐集、使用及/或披露您的個人資訊。取決於您撤銷同意的範圍,其可能導致您不能繼續享受碧波庭的產品或服務。但您撤回同意或授權的決定,不會影響先前基於您的同意而開展之個人資訊處理的有效性。

g. 如您希望註銷碧波庭US APP之帳號, 您可以發送郵件至[privacyus@biboting.com

f. 您可以透過提交請求撤銷先前出於特定目的所授予我們的同意,包括蒐集、使用及/或披露我們掌握或控制的您的個人資訊。我們將會在您提出請求後的合理時間內處理您的請求,並且會根據您的請求,在此後不再蒐集、使用及/或披露您的個人資訊。取決於您撤銷同意的範圍,其可能導致您不能繼續享受碧波庭的產品或服務。但您撤回同意或授權的決定,不會影響先前基於您的同意而開展之個人資訊處理的有效性。

g. 如您希望註銷碧波庭US APP之帳號, 您可以發送郵件至[privacyus@biboting.com

9. 未成年人資訊的保護

a. 我們認為監督孩子使用我們的產品或服務是家長或監護人的責任。但是,我們不直接提供服務給兒童,也不將兒童的個人資料用於營銷目的。

b. 如果您是家長或監護人,並且您認為未成年人向我們提交了個人資訊,請發送郵件至[privacyus@biboting.com]聯繫我們,以確保此類個人資訊被立即刪除,並保證未成年人取消訂閱任何適用的碧波庭

10. 隱私政策的更新

我們會基於業務和技術的變更對隱私政策進行定期審核,我們可能會更新本隱私政策。如果我們對本隱私政策進行重大變更,我們將透過您登記的聯繫方式如電子郵件(向您帳號指定的信箱地址發送)或在碧波庭US APP上知您,這樣您可以瞭解我們蒐集的資訊以及我們如何使用這些資訊。此類隱私政策變化將從通知或碧波庭US APP規定的生效日期開始適用。我們建議您定期查閱碧波庭US APP獲取我們隱私權實踐的最新資訊。您繼續使用碧波庭US APP上的服務,將被視為接受更新的隱私政策。在我們向您蒐集更多的個人資訊或我們因為新的目的使用或披露您的個人資訊時,我們會再次徵得您的同意。


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