The methods of reduce essential oil odour on BIBOTING Cup pressure relief ring: 碧波庭減壓環減少精油氣味殘留的方法:

·Blended and soaked with baking soda + hot water
·Warm water + vinegar + baking soda (proportions : 1 litre : 1 tbsp:1:tbsp) soaked in over 1 hours
溫熱水+醋+小蘇打粉 (比例: 1公升 : 1大匙 : 1大匙)浸泡一小時以上
·Soaked with tea dregs and hot water (※Please do not leave it for too long as prevent the product becomes discolour.)
茶葉渣+熱水浸泡 (※ 請勿放置過久避免顏色附著 )
·Soaked with lemon slice and hot water, and the citric acid can be decreased the odour.
檸檬片+熱水浸泡, 檸檬的檸檬酸可降低異味
·Please place the product at the cool place for blow dry.
·Please clean regularly with boiling in water, disinfect and remove the odour.
定期以熱水煮沸清潔、 消毒及去味