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About us

Expecting all women to have “Health, Beauty, and Confidence”

“BIBOTING Massager” is a face and body massager which combines traditional Chinese healthcare principle with modern technology.

As modern people are very busy, women are especially busy with work and family and they often neglect their own healthcare. BIBOTING R&D team has dedicated wholeheartedly to do research for more than 20 years since 1995. From the concept of traditional Chinese healthcare, we found an effective, simple and safe healthcare method.


Skilfully refined, not to be underestimated
Comfort / Innovation / Diligence


Rhythmic suction and release massage

Comfortable with 0 stress


Negative ion

Sparks the momentum for health


Comfortable vibration

Soothing tension and fatigue


Warm feeling

Warmness Sending


3 Structure Features of Massager

Activate your health with just a click
Durable key, dramatically reduce the probability of failure.

Highly stable design, rapid cooling
Avoid close proximity of massager to the facade to dissipate heat effectively.

360° suction, at your pleasure
0.1 second per revolution, ability to rotate continuously for time adjustment.


3 Structure Features of Cups

Use 2 fingers to pull for rapid deflation
Cup deflates quickly by opening the safety valve.

Vibration frequency can be arbitrarily adjusted
Vibration level can be easily adjusted.

Solid circular arc fits comfortably and seamlessly
Ergonomic design.

BIBOTING Essential Oil Series

Purely Essential, Aromatic Skin

Extracting from natural herbal essence, which contains essential oil nourishing factor to moisturize and condition the skin.
It can be used with BIBOTING Massager.

Harmonious Essential Oil Series

Harmonious caring, comfort feeling

Essential oils can bring good effects with deeper massage.
Must use the natural raw materials on the most delicate part of the human body.

It can be used with BIBOTING Massager.

BIBOTING users’ experience

BIBOTING Massager not only makes my business better, but also makes my body healthier.

I had poor health since I was a child, so I hope to pass on health and happiness to everyone. And BIBOTING is the best medium for my propagation now.。

Thank you BIBOTING for making me more beautiful and confident, and for finding my own positioning in life.

Honorary Awards

Constantly improving
BIBOTING is not the best, it can only be better than that!

We have “3-year warranty” post-sale service,
to keep you healthy and beautiful as promised.

The guardian of health and beauty


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