Brand Introduction

BIBOTING brand value is committed to be The Guardian of Health and Beauty.

Brand Story

王 WANG Scientific research, quality and diligence as the fundamental of brand (product).
白 BAI Integrity, responsibility and good thoughts as the core of self-cultivation (service).
SHI Joy, Freedom, and Persistency as the king of philosophy (sustainability).

Brand Story

“Focusing on caring women’s breast healthy” as brand positioning.
“Caring for Women, Eliminating Breast Illiteracy” as enterprise’s mission.
“The Advocate of the Breast Remodelling Industry” as enterprise’s goal.

Brand Story

Representing family culture – becoming wealthy through inclusivity and harmony, development through unity, mutual encouragement, advance together hand in hand.

※ Noted: Those who can’t read are known as illiteracy; while those who are ignorant about breast care are called breast illiteracy.

Expecting all women to have
“Health, Beauty, and Confidence”

Brand Story

“BIBOTING Massager” is a face and body massager which combines traditional Chinese health and wellness principle with modern technology.

As modern people are very busy, women are especially busy with work and family and they often neglect their own wellness. BIBOTING R&D team has dedicated wholeheartedly to do research for more than 20 years since 1995. From the concept of traditional Chinese healthy and wellness, we found an beneficial, simple and safe wellness method.

New spark for traditional health combines with modern technology

BIBOTING makes traditional Chinese healthcare easier to get started, safe and precise, so that everyone can achieve an excellent experience in a short time. A BIBOTING Massager can be used with 26 patented cups of different sizes for all parts of body. In addition, the intuitive suction control design with exclusive rhythmic suction and release massage, BIBOTING enables body to relax at a deeper level, including even the most delicate female parts such as breasts.

The first generation of BIBOTING (1995)

The first generation of BIBOTING (1995)

The four core instrument technological principles are: rhythmic suction and release, comfortable vibration, negative oxygen ion, and warm feeling. All these enable user’s health and beauty to radiate naturally from inside out. BIBOTING Massager is small, light and easy to keep. The entire set of instrument can be easily kept in BIBOTING special suitcase, which materializes the concept of healthcare and beauty at anytime and anywhere.

Simplified technology and promotion to the world

With the rise of Chinese healthcare upsurge worldwide credited to BIBOTING, coupled with the rise of new era women, more and more women understand the importance of caring for themselves. If a woman in the family focuses on health and beauty, she will also drive other family members to live healthier and happier. Based on Chinese healthcare, BIBOTING transforms healthcare into a simple and standard way through technological innovation, making it easier to promote to global users and bringing good news to families.

Never ever forget the primary intention, resolute in the original aspiration
Persist in giving the best service and quality